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Burdon detachables utilize a coupling which locks the tip in a strong, straight and concentric unit on the shank. One shank can be used for a multitude of tips and tip diameters. The Burdon detachable gundrill coupling allows drill tips to be easily attached and detached. Two precision bearing diameters are well spaced to give straightness and concentricity. Special thread clamps join couplings to allow minimal oil leakage and deliver maximum torque for gundrilling.

Economical Burdon detachables save money by utilizing one shank for many drill heads of various diameters. Adaptation of existing drill shanks may be possible. Labor is reduced by ease of handling in the machine and on the shop floor. Extension shanks are available to increase drill length. Drill tips can be easily sharpened when detached from their shanks .

When returning drills for re-tipping you need only return the used carbide head section, saving packaging and freight costs.

Pat. 5,114,286 5/19/92