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Burdon Gundrill's specialty is re-tipping. We are ready to start work on your job today and believe you will be pleasantly surprised by our turn around time and more than satisfied with the quality of our work.

The Burdon Gundrill is a unique tool for producing precision holes more efficiently. It combines the ability to machine from the solid with the accuracy of a boring tool and produces a finished, straight hole to any depth while satisfying most job requirements without further operations. The elimination of boring and reaming operations results in obvious savings.

Burdon Gundrills are of the single flute design, so constructed that the full length of the carbide cutting tip is utilized. This is accomplished by incorporating the maximum size coolant passage plus carbide wear-pads. This design provides adequate lubrication and tool support for the complete regrind life of the tool tip. The shanks are heat-treated tubular alloy steel with a large chip channel. Coolant flow of sufficient volume and continuous chip emission is thus ensured. Tool drivers conform to industry accepted dimensions and are supplied in proper size to suit the customer's equipment. Gundrills are normally used in machines specifically designed for them but may also be used in lathes, drill presses, boring machines and automatic screw machines, providing certain modifications are made to the equipment and proper feed and coolant are used.

The Burdon Gundrill is a superior product for all hole drilling, shallow as well as deep, and, through our new production techniques, is available at a very competitive price. We invite your investigation.